Balanced Power Technologies aka BPT is the home of Chris Hoff's Balanced Power AC line conditioners.

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BP-3.5 Signature ca. 80 lbs, w. L-9 Signature cord, 13"x12"x 6", black or stainless, 2400VA
BP-2.5 ca. 70 lbs, 13"x12"x 6" WxDxH [stainless add $50], 2400VA
BP-2 ca. 60 lbs, 13"x12"x 6" WxDxH [stainless add $50], 1800VA
BP-3 ca. 50 lbs, 13"x12"x 6" WxDxH [stainless add $50], 900 + 300VA
BP-1 ca. 40 lbs, 13"x12"x 6" WxDxH [stainless add $50], 900VA
BP-Jr. II ca. 10 lb, 8"x 8"x 6" WxDxH [black only], 300VA
CPC 15/20 amp versions, ca.10 lbs ea, 13"x 6"x 6" WxDxH [black only]
C-10 10 AWG 6ft. power cord [add. lengths $6/ft]
C-7 7 AWG 6ft. power cord [add. lengths $10/ft]
L-12 [coming soon] 12 AWG 6ft. Litz power cord [add. lengths $15/ft]
L-9 9 AWG 6ft. Litz power cord [add. lengths $20/ft]
S-10 10 AWG 6ft. 99.99% pure silver power cord [add. lengths $25/ft]


The BPT Ultra Isolator Series products all share the following features:


The BPT Ultra Isolator Lineup:


The Model BP-3.5 Signature [left] is our top-of-the line unit with unequaled performance. It features one NBT/LoNo transformer for 20 amps of super-clean balanced AC power. Designed from the start for the absolutely finest audio/video systems available, this unit is our best, bar none. 10 outlets are provided, along with our L-9 Signature power cord.

The Model BP-3 Ultra features our 7.5-amp LoNo transformer from the BP-1 and our 2.5-amp LoNo transformers from our Jr. model in one package. This unit is ideal for the front-end of larger systems or complete smaller systems with amps of up to 100wpc. Digital equipment can be completely isolated from the other components by plugging into the smaller transformer. There are 10 outlets total, usually wired with 4 on the smaller and 6 on the larger transformer, but custom factory wiring is available to accommodate your specific system needs [just give us a call]. Includes C-10 power cord.

The Model BP-2.5 Ultra features a massive 20-amp LoNo transformer and was designed for very high-end audio/video systems. 10 outlets come with our C-10 power cord.

The Model BP-2 Ultra sports a large 15-amp LoNo transformer, 10 outlets and our C-10 power cord.

The Model BP-1 Ultra uses one 7.5-amp LoNo transformer for smaller audio systems, dedicated video installations or larger big-screen TVs or video projectors. It provides 10 outlets and our C-10 power cord.

The Model BP-Jr. II Ultra [left] incorporates one 2.5-amp LoNo transformer for CD/DVD players, digital processors, turntables, preamp, headphone amps or video electronics. It offers 4 outlets and our C-10 power cord.

The Model CPC Clean Power Center is a power extension base to add multiple outlets for expanding A/V systems. This is no ordinary power strip but sports the same heavy construction and quality featured in our Ultra Power Isolators, minus the isolation transformer. Think 15 lbs. power strip [compare that to the competition!] with 14-gauge steel case, 10 hospital-grade outlets, 10-gauge silver/copper/Teflon wiring, removable power cord, spike/surge protection, on/off thermal switch, heavy case damping, high-quality Polypropylene filter network on each duplex for component isolation and silver solder throughout. The CPC is available as a 15-amp version with 15-amp IEC and C-10 cord or 20-amp unit with 20-amp IEC and C-7 cord for a slight upcharge. Any of the upgrades available for our Ultra Isolators can be added as well to the CPC.

The BPT Power Cord Lineup:

Designed to work in concert with our balanced power isolators, BPT power cords are hand-assembled in a proprietary configuration using the finest parts available. Our cords improve the sound of any component by producing lower background noise, tighter bass, greater dynamics and finer detail resolution. They look great and custom lengths are available. Power cords may be ordered with 15/20-amp IEC and 15/20-amp AC plugs.



The Model C-10 is a 10 AWG high-current design that uses silver-plated copper wire jacketed with Teflon, shielded for maximum RFI rejection, and enclosed in a gorgeous protective mesh casing. The IEC plug is a high-quality Schurter design chosen for mechanical integrity and superior sonics. Perfect for all source components [CD/DVD players, preamps, digital processors], video, integrated/power amps and receivers.

The Model C-7 is our 7 AWG version designed for large power amps that need maximum current-draw capabilities.


The Model L-9 is a 9 AWG high-current power cord using ultra-fine gauge Litz wire where each individual hair strand of high-purity copper is coated with a 5000V-rated dielectric film. This design eliminates strand interaction and provides an operative frequency extension to 200KHz. The hot-neutral-ground legs each have twin 12-gauge bundles with an overall 5 AWG equivalent for the cord proper. Shielded for quiet, low-noise performance, the diameter is ca. 3/4" but surprisingly flexible, with IEC/AC plug 15-amp terminations by FIM. The sound is characterized by lightning-fast reflexes, neutral tonal balance and unhindered frequency extension in both directions, offering supreme low-level retrieval and superior midrange/upper bass definition. Comparable cords cost more than $1,000. Shared one satisfied customer who replaced his mega-buck cords with our L-9s: "The L-9 makes the other power cords sounds muddy and confused by comparison." We couldn't agree more.

Coming soon: Our new Model L-12 is our equivalent 12 AWG cord in a smaller, even more flexible package. This cord will be perfect for all front-end components, amplifiers of less than 100wpc power ratings, integrated amps and receivers. Sonically very similar to the L-9, this cord too will have you compare it against $1,000-or-less contenders.



The Model S-10 uses our 10 AWG 99.99% pure silver for the hot-neutral-ground legs. This shielded, low-noise design includes our 15-amp FIM AC/IEC connectors with heavily gold-plated mono-crystal copper contacts. Sonic attributes include excellent low-level resolution and a to-die-for tactile midrange reminiscent of a superior SET amp - sweet, inviting, natural, perfect for lovers of vocal and chamber music recordings.

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