NC3XB Male Black $4.95 each

        NC3FMB Female Black $4.95 each

NEUTRIK is one of the leading brands of XLR's.  These are considered to be some of the best on the market.  These XLR's are black in color and have gold plated ends.  You need both the NC3XB and the NC3MB to assemble one cord.  Two of each are needed in making stereo pair.   



        Silver plated Black Male $12.50 each

        Silver Plated Black Female $12.50 each

These are the ones that we use on our cables.  These are silver plated XLR's and some of the best we have found.  We found that the Switchcraft matched with our PSi Interconnect the best.  


        XLR/M  $   Soon to be available

        XLR/F    $   Soon to be available