Wall Receptacles


WATTGATE    381    -    Retail US $148.00   

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The WATTGATE 381 wall receptacle is the ultimate.  The 381 replaces the 380 wall receptacle with several improvements and no price increase. WATTGATE has increased durability with a new rear housing design and increased performance with a redesigned ground contact and heavier-duty, triple-wipe contacts.  The construction of the 381 is very durable and features Glass-Filled, Nylon-Tough front and rear housings for UV and chemical resistance. The mounting strap, rivets and grounding strip are gold plated, solid brass.  Each 381 comes with a gray wall plate.   


PS Audio    Power Port    Retail $49.95   

The Power Port is a custom built, hospital grade, isolated ground, 15 to 20 amp receptacle that can make a major improvement in your audio/video system's performance and insure a life-long level of performance.  15 coats of polished nickel over high-purity brass, with the "grip of Mickey Mantle" and polished nickel plated hardware, this a must have in your system. 


Acme Audio Labs    Wall receptacle - Retail $30.00 to $45.00    

Acme has a few different wall receptacles.  Please verify your item when ordering.  Acme Audio Labs provides the following:    15 amp silver plated $30.00,  15 amp Cryogenic silver plated $40.00, 20 amp silver plated $35.00,  20 amp Cryogenic silver plated $45.00.  Acme's best selling receptacle is the 20 amp Cryogenic silver plated model.  


FIM    Wall receptacle - Retail  $69.95    Special $60.00   

The FIM audio grade wall receptacles are in stock.  These have a blue face on them and have the metal treated with copper.  FIM believes that copper is the best sounding and have produced a great product.  Comes with FIM label to put on wall cover.   


Furutech    FP-2G - $65.00  Receptacle-AudioGrade  

The FURUTECH Audio Grade Receptacle is an improvement in any Audio/Video system.  This is a gold treated wall receptacle that will make the most out of all your equipment, even video/DVD.  You can't beat the current retail price of just $65 each.  This will be the last receptacle you will need.  The FURUTECH has a clear color front that will let is blend into any color scheme.  (Please email for special price on 4+ units).   


HUBBELL    IG8300 Isolated Ground Receptacle - $27.50 each  ($50.00 for two)   

This wall receptacle provide the following features and benefits:  Hospital Grade for assured grounding under severe conditions - Receptacle completes a "clean," noise-free ground path system for sensitive electronic equipment - Insulation barrier construction, isolated ground contacts from the mounting strap - Green grounding screw connected directly to the grounding contacts - Impact resistant thermoplastic polyester face - Wrap-around locked on mounting strap provides additional support strength for receptacle assembly - Reinforced thermoplastic polyester base is heat and flame resistant providing dimensional stability.  


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