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Mr-Cable introduces the newest power cord to our line up.  This is called the Super Flex.  It is called that because you can almost wrap it around your wrist and it's a 10 gauge power cord.  Nothing like this before that we are aware of has ever been available.

Super Flex by:  Mr-Cable

10 gauge power cord


Retail $399

Factory Direct pricing $229

6' demo just $179 - 12' demo just $299

This has to be the most flexible 10 gauge power available anywhere.  And the best thing about the Super Flex power cord is that it sounds great.  You will have to pay hundreds more to get a better sounding power cable.  Picture is of the 12' demo we have available.

DSCN9058 super flex 12'.jpg (10559 bytes)


This is a 10 gauge 6 foot power cord.

 It has dampening material instead of a shield that produces a much more musical sound.




Just look at the pictures, you can do almost anything to this power cord.  Super flexible.   It doesn't coil up the same size as a CD, but it comes close.  Well, if you wanted to you could coil it up maybe smaller than a CD, but why would you want to?  You can bend this power cord unlike any other of its size.  This power cord is very light.  It won't pull your equipment off the shelf or lift the front of it up.  If you need flexibility and great sound with a power cord, the Super Flex is for you.  Remember this is a 10 gauge power cord, not a small wire in a large tube.

This is a multi-strand 10 gauge plated copper power cord.  Each wire consists of 120 strands each.  All three wires (live, common and ground) are each 10 gauge.  The wall plug is a hospital grade Marinco and the IEC is a Wattgate. 

This is not a dull power cord.  It has balls to it, but it isn't bright either.  Will work great with most all components.  This power cord will be at home with your CD player as well as your amp.  

Break in time will depend, but will require at least 50 hours.  The cord may sound bright at first, but will settle down after burn in.  Don't judge on first listening.

This power cord comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not fully happy with it for any reason, just contact us and will either exchange for another cable or offer you a refund, less Paypal or credit card fees and shipping.


We are looking for people to audition and write reviews for us on our cords, prefer people near Long Beach, but not restricted to this location.  If you are interested, please email us at

Thanks for looking at our power cord.

All shipments will be plus shipping and sales tax if shipped to a California address.  Credit cards, Paypal, check accepted.



A few comments from customers.


Hello Scott,
Thanks for your concern.  Yes, I did receive the pc and am very pleased with it, and like you had stated, a little bright at first, but on only the first two or three hours.  after that it toned down some, creating a kind of dimension never before heard, and with detail that I thought only interconnects could do.   I cannot wait for the 50-100 hrs to have the full burn in time to hear what is next.  this is my second step in cleaning out the lines, as my first was purchasing a powervar 12 line conditioner.   I did not realize power cables would create such an improvement.  now I am on the line cleaning journey.
nice beefy look to it too!
Thanks again,


Never thought a power cord could make a big difference.  Well, I was wrong.  The Super Flex is incredible.  Will purchase many more.  Many thanks.