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PSs The Musician The Perfectionist



The Performance:   Close out sale.  Take an extra 25% off our direct price.

The Performance is an outstanding speaker wire.  It is the introductory speaker cable for Mr-Cable, but there is nothing introductory about it.  With the price of speaker wire from other companies costing $1,000's these days, it's nice to have a wire that sounds exceptional at a price that most can afford.  The Performance is priced at only $115 for a 8' pair with either bananas/spades or combination.   The Performance is designed using four separate bundles of multi stranded high purity copper with a center lead and a shield.  This wire is friendly to use and has the sound quality that is expected from wires costing many times more.  The Performance sounds great in audio systems and home theater.  Return to top of page.


Length Retail US$ Our Price  
6' Pair $ 199.00 $ 99.00  
8' Pair $ 229.00 $ 115.00  
10' Pair $ 259.00 $ 129.00  
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The Performance +:  Close out sale.  Take an extra 25% off our direct price.  

The Performance + (P+) is a great all round speaker wire.  It seams at home in hi-end and home theater applications.  While the Performance is an exceptional value, the P+ takes it to the next level.  While using the same basic design as the Performance, the P+ uses a higher purity copper, a different dielectric and covering making the P+ sound as good as it can get.  The P+ is easy to use and sounds great.  Return to top of page.


Length Retail US$ Our Price  
6' Pair $ 249.00 $ 129.00  
8' Pair $ 275.00 $ 149.00  
10' Pair $ 299.00 $ 169.00  
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The Orchestra:

The Orchestra is a multi-braided copper speaker wire.  It is very flexible and is at home in all be the ex-stream systems.  The Orchestra will be available terminated or in bulk.



PSs  (Pure Silver Speaker-wire): 

If you want the sound of cables that cost two to three thousand $'s and reproduces music just as good as some higher priced cables, the PSs is for you.  The design is very unique and is based on solid core technology.  The sound you will get with the PSs is an open and warm midrange, great non fatiguing high end and a nice base.  The PSs could easily retail for $1,500 to $2,000 but by purchasing factory direct, Mr-Cable can offer this beauty for  just $449.00 for 8' pair.  Standard termination are spades, bananas are available upon request, email for details and pricing.  Return to top of page.


Length Retail US$ Our Price  
6' Pair $ 799.00 $ 399.00  
8' Pair $ 899.00 $ 449.00  
10' Pair $ 999.00 $ 499.00  
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The Musician:

The Musician is one of our newest speaker wires.  We have been making the Musician (under a different name) for years but the design was a 14 gauge copper wire.  With the Musician we have improved on the wonderful sound that was perfected with the prior cable.  The Musician is designed with a solid core 9.5 gauge copper wire.  The speaker wire is double shielded to reject all unwanted signals from outside sources.  Magnet technology available for only $50 stereo pair.  We will install a rare earth magnet at the amp end of these cables for a charge of $12.50 each.  Some people think this does something special to the speaker wire.  We have no idea what, but we offer it for the people who need to have it.  All our wire can be cryo-treated at an additional charge.  We have found that the cryo treatment sounds better at first, but after months we can't tell the difference between the cryo treated and the non cryo treated speaker wire.  Save your money and spend it to improve other items in your system.

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Length Retail US$ Our Price Special
6' Pair $ 995.00 $ 499.00 $399.00
8' Pair $ 1195.00 $ 549.00 $449.00
10' Pair $ 1395.00 $ 699.00 $499.00
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The Perfectionist:

This is it.  You really can't get any better, just different.  The Perfectionist is the ultimate in speaker wire technology.  If you want the true sound of high end audio, you need to look no further.  The Perfectionist brings you a whole new realization on what stereo is supposed to sound like.   


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