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Super Clef Art and Science
Over the years Speaker Art has built many highly regarded loudspeakers. Speaker Art has always approached speaker design as both an art and a science, purposely avoiding the dogmatic approach from which the industry suffers. We have no product cycles; we release new models when the results of our research excite the jaded ears of our friends and ourselves.
In designing the Super Clef, our goal was to build a highly detailed, full range loudspeaker that would offer the audiophile exceptional performance at an affordable price. Many discerning listeners agree that we have surpassed that goal.  
The Super Clef is a two way design, consisting of an 8" long throw woofer and a 1" wide dispersion soft dome tweeter. The bass loading is a vented proprietary alignment yielding maximum damping at the woofer's resonance. The result is clean, tight bass, astonishingly deep from an enclosure of modest dimension. Super Clef cabinets are anti-resonant, utilizing internal bracing and construction of a one inch thick, high density composite.  
The heart of the Super Clef is our proprietary high-order series crossover. While simple series crossovers have been used since the beginning of the loudspeaker design, high-order series have been neither fully understood nor properly implemented until the Clef series of loudspeakers. With the benefit of sophisticated computer optimization and modeling, tempered by years of research, the Super Clef's unprecedented 4th and 7th order slopes drastically reduce inter-driver frequency overlap. The Super Clef's phase response is extremely linear, exhibiting minimal rotation and group delay throughout its bandwidth. The Super Clef does not suffer from ringing, phase anomalies, veiled sound, or other problems generally associated with high-order parallel networks. Our unique circuitry gives the Super Clef extraordinary clarity, depth, detail, and imaging.  
The synergistic combination of the Super Clef's design features yield a world class loudspeaker, offering precise imaging, clean bass, glorious midrange, and transparent high frequencies - at an affordable price. We invite you to listen.

US Retail $1,995 pair.


Super Clef TL's Retail US$ 5,995 pair


For more information and ordering, please email InfoMrCable@aol.com.