Spades - These are brand new.  We just got them in stock.  These are some of the coolest spades we have found.  Very easy to work with, you can crimp or solder.  The opening going to the binding post goes from a large opening to a smaller opening.  This will allow you to use this spade on almost every binding post made.  These spades are available in three versions, Copper, Silver plate, Gold plate.  Mr-Cable special price is normally just  $2.50 each, now on sale for  just $2.00 each in lots of 8.    Please specify type when ordering.   (Copper version, LASC-8) (Silver Plated version, LASS-8) (Gold Plated version, LASG-8).  Shown are all three versions (Copper, Silver Plated, Gold Plated).

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Email for other special discounts    ("SPECIAL"Order 10 pieces of Cardas get 10% discount - orders over $60 get a flat 20% discount)    -    (G) = Gold plated - (N) = Nickel plated - (R) = Rhodium plated        





            The HD series are an angled spade lug.  Very nice for speakers and amps where you can't easily fit a straight spade lug.  The HD series are OFC base metal with direct hard gold finish.  The HDS-1 (6AWG) and the HDS-5 (10/12 AWG) have an opening of .252, the HDS-3 (6 AWG) has an opening of .327 for largers binding posts.





The WBT spades listed below are Sandwich Spade Safety Line.  High current spade lug with elastomer shock absorber for progressive contact pressure eliminating structure-born and air-born noise as well as magnetostriction.  Fully insulated body is safe to uses and conforms to international safety standards.  Kits include 4 spades, 1 Torx key, boxed.



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