RCA's Male

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FURUTECH     FP-101R   -   $99 set of 4   

This has got to be one of the coolest RCA's around.  These are very easy to terminate.  They have a screw center connection that you may also solder if you wish, the barrel has a locking screw to support the wire, you must solder or screw down on the ground wire.  We don't recommend this RCA for the beginner, as it is easy to terminate, if you mess it up, you have just wasted $25.  The center pin coming out of the front of the RCA is constructed using multiple wires, it is not solid like most RCA's.  These RCA's fit in nice and tight, due to the spring type center pin.  They are also locking, so you don't have to worry about them ever falling out.  These are really cool RCA's and sound great.  They are Rhodium plated for the longest life possible.  The FP-101 comes with a torx driver and is boxed in a locking plastic case.  Mr-Cable can terminated this RCA with your cable at a modest price.   


WBT-0101     -              $134.00 Set  

Topline - Top-quality plug with patented CCS technology. Patented WBT™ mechanism provides both adjustment and locking functions. Barrel finished in polished ruthenium. Small, compact design. Cross slotted center pin. Teflon™ insulation. Color code: red or white.  These are non solder type RCA's.  Set includes 4 plugs, 12 ferrules, WBT solder, Torx key, boxed.  Please note the newer lower price.   


BULLET PLUGS    -    $38.00 set of 4 - Mr-Cable special price of only $35.00 / set.  (buy 2 sets for $65)   

This is the newest and hottest RCA on the market.  The BULLET PLUG can even make your old Monster Cables sound better, bet you never thought that could happen.  These are a special and unique design and the RCA is going to revolutionize the RCA industry.  To terminate these plugs, you must have experience with soldering.  If you don't, you can easily cause damage to the plugs due to the design.  We recommend  you use a RCA to RCA adaptor and make sure the Bullet Plug is inserted into one end to prevent damage when soldering.  We at Mr-Cable can re-terminate most audio cables to use the new BULLET PLUGS, please email for details.   


Cardas SRCA    -    $29.00 pr.    (Special $25.00 pr)   

  The ultimate RCA plug by CARDAS.  This is non magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver Plate.  Brass Cover, Gold Plate.  Spring Loaded tip.  9.5 mm cable opening, threaded for optional 11mm and 13 mm WRCA adapters.  This is the RCA that some of the best cables in the world are terminated with.  Some consider this RCA to be the best made.  Email for multiple pair pricing.  


VAMPIRE   800C    -    $27.95 pr.   

The VAMPIRE 800C is possible the best RCA on the market.  This RCA is used on some of the best interconnects made.  It is produced using Teflon dielectric, OFC base metal, direct hard gold plate, brass body with satin black finish, color code stripe and can accept a cable up to 8.3mm.  This plug will make any interconnect sound better.   


CARDAS   GRMO    -    $21.00 pr.  

  RCA male, non magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate, Brass cover, Gold plate.  


CARDAS   SLVR    -    $15.00 pr.   

  RCA male, non magnetic, eutectic Brass, 9mm cable opening, Silver plate.   


VAMPIRE   LRCA    -    $19.50 pr.    

Locking RCA, Teflon dielectric, brass base metal, copper sub plate, silver sub plate, hard gold finish.  Brass body with black chrome finish.  


WBT-0144     -               $74.00 Set    

WBT-0144 Midline - Midline version of WBT-0101.  Multi-layer plating process with a final plating of 24k gold. Patented locking mechanism; barrel finished in matte black. Slotted center pin. Teflon™ insulation. Strain relief captured with Torx™ screw. Color code: red or white. Maximum cable diameter, 9 mm / 0.354".  Set includes 4 0144 plugs, 12 ferrules, WBT™ solder, Torx™ key, boxed.   Please clickor more info.   


Canare    F-10    -    $8.95 pr.  

Gold plated brass inner shaft, Teflon dielectric, proprietary 360º cable clamp, spring type strain relief.  Please clior more info.   


Locking RCA    Gold Plated    -    $12.00 pr.  

These are high quality and gold plated.  This is the RCA for those who want locking RCA's but are on a budget, but remember these aren't budget RCA's, just imported.  


Gold Plated RCA's    -    $8.00 pr.    

These RCA's are gold plated.  They have a nice tight fit.  Split center pin.  Easy to solder.  Comes with silver/gray barrel. 


GOLD Plated RCA's  -  $6.00 pr.   

These RCA's are of high quality.  They have a very snug and tight fit (split center pin) and a nice black barrel finish.  Easy to work with.  Great for the DIY kits and projects.   

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