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GCP-200 Preamplifier GCC Control Amplifier GCA Power Amplifier

Introducing the new  "TRIO"  Power Amplifier

GCP-200 Preamplifier

Priced at just $2,195

  • 6 inputs
  • HT Bypass
  • Polarity control
  • 5 RCA 1 XLR
  • Separate subwoofer output
  • XLR output and RCA output
  • Remote control
  • Programable gain for each channel
  • World's first preamp with no volume control degradation!
  • Gain Cell technology
  • Available HCPS

  • Shortest, purest signal path ever
  • Balanced design
  • Clean, absolutely dead quiet
  • Ultra low distortion
  • Finest sounding preamp in the history of the company

"I received the GCP Pre-amp yesterday. I didn't have a chance to hook it up and listen to it yet, but I did take it out of the box and put it in the rack. Good lord it is one sharp looking piece of audio equipment, and maybe as sharp as I've ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice. The pictures I've seen also don't show "PS AUDIO" below your new emblem as it is on the piece. I'm glad that it was there. I shouldn't say this, but I don't ever see myself selling this piece of equipment. And maybe it's ability to reproduce music is the #1 priority, but to have a piece that looks this great is just a huge plus. I think I'm definitely going to have to do one of the GCA matching amps. I don't see how I could not. Probably the 250. We'll see. "



GCC Control Amplifier
GCC-100 $2,795.00
GCC-250 $3,495.00
GCC-500 $4,495.00

  • No preamp needed
  • 3 models of Control Amplifier
  • HT Bypass
  • Polarity control
  • Far superior to an "integrated"
  • Variable gain amplifier
  • 1/10th dB steps volume and balance
  • No internal volume/balance element
  • 4 RCA inputs
  • 1 XLR balanced input
  • Subwoofer outputs
  • Locking binding posts
  • Remote control included

  • 100 to 500 watts per channel
  • Purest audio path available
  • No interconnecting cables required
  • Accepts any source
  • Ultra low noise design
  • 120dB range
  • Low distortion
  • Complete control over loudspeakers

"I was amazed by the low power consumption required. Bi-amping with the GCC, HCA-2 and a Jolida CD player the P-300 power plant wattage reading has never gotten above 70 watts at a very comfortable listening level. The system idles from what I can tell from the P-300 at about 10 watts.

I was so sleepy when I started listening last night, but it sounded so good it kept me up. I ended up having trouble turning it off and going to bed, making today a monster b/c I am so sleepy.

You have obviously paid attention to customer feedback, done your homework, and been innovative at making another flagship, signature series. You have done yourselves proud. Enjoy the holidays."

Dr. Pain



GCA Power Amplifier
GCA-100 $2,295.00
GCA-250 $2,995.00
GCA-500 $3,995.00

  • 3 models of power amplifier
  • 100 to 500 watts per channel
  • Little to no heat
  • Extremely low noise design
  • Gain Cell for each channel
  • High damping factor
  • Dual regulated independent power supplies
  • Dual Mono design
  • Analog power output stage
  • Unique locking binding posts

  • Rock solid image
  • Deep bass
  • Open, spacious sound
  • Power doubles into 4 Ohm load
  • Will drive any loudspeaker
  • Effortless performance
  • Ultra low distortion

"Conclusion, the GCA really surprised me with it's rock solid bass and what I would refer to as excellent imaging. The C250 just does everything so naturally and effortlessly but may lack bass kick slightly compared to the GCA. When you take into consideration the price differences between the amps I would highly reccomend the GCA and use the money you saved on some other cool PS gear! "




TRIO Power Amplifier

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Retail just $995.


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