Power Cord Specials

This page is under construction and should be finished very soon.  We are adding new items to the list daily, so please check back ofteen.

Many many more power cords will be listed in the next few days.

New Used

Pictures are available upon request if not available on our site yet.




Super Flex may be discontinued due to the cost of copper, we can't produce this cable at a profit any longer at our current prices.  Once the old stock is gone, there may be no new ones made.  If we decide to continue with the Super Flex, the price will be going up.  So purchase now while you can.

The Musician, we have a limited supply of this power cord hand crafted using the Oyaide Silver power plugs.  Again, this is a limited supply at the moment.

TEK LINE has introduced a new line of power cords.  They have asked us to help promote the new line.  The new line will be sold factory direct or through Mr-Cable.  Click for more information. (link soon to be available)  www.TEKLINEAUDIO.com






New power cord specials:  


The Performance 2 from Mr-Cable:  Special close out sale.  6' power cord just $69.  Limited supply.   When they are gone, there will be no more.

The Eclipse from TEK LINE.  6' power cord, brand new.  Retail $199, was $119 now just $89.  Only 5 available at this special price.  Longer lengths available upon request.

The Musician:  custom made with Oyaide silver power plugs on both the wall end and the IEC.  Comparable retail $599, Normal factory direct price is $349, now on sale for just $199 - Limited Quantity.  6' only.

The Musician:  normal factory direct price is $249, now on sale for just $199 for a 6' power cord.  New.

The Musician (By: Mr-Cable)  3'.  New, custom order cancelled.  Retail  $385, now just $149.  Click for pics.

Super Flex 12' (By:  Mr-Cable) custom made power cord.  Retail $699, now just $299, now lowered to $249, and lowered again to $229.  Click for pic & info.

Super Flex 6' (By:  Mr-Cable) 10 gauge power cord.  Retail $399, now just $149.  These may be the last made.  Costs have gone up way to much to offer at this price for new production.   Click for pic & info.

Custom made 6 gauge power cord.  The ground is 12 gauge.  Very flexible.  Cryo treated.  $249.  This was manufactured by Mr-Cable for another power cord company and the cost of the wire was too much to mass produce.  We have a few of the power cords available at a great saving from the $695 price tag they were going to sell it for.   Now just $199.   Reduced to $179.

TEK LINE Eclipse 6' power cord with Wattgate 20 amp IEC.  Retail $229, now just $129.  Now save an extra $20, just $109.



Used power cord specials:


The Musician: 

The Musician (By: Mr-Cable) 6'.  Demo as like new condition now just $179.

MARIGO Audio Lab RMX Generation 2 - 6' power cord $125.  Reduced to $99.

Signal Cable 4' Magic Power Cord, 10 gauge copper with Marinco plugs, retail $64, now just $39.  Sale pending

TG Audio HRS 6' power cord - excellent condition.  $149 each, have two available.

TICE - Power Conductor 5' power cord.  $75, now just $69.