NuForce P-8 Pre Amplifier

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Available in black or silver

NuForce developed its prescient preamplifier technology from the ground up to reassess and redefine faithful music reproduction.  The first impressions of listening to NuForce preamplifiers are those of pristine clarity, natural tonality, expansive imaging, and realistic proportions of the musicians and their instruments.  Bass notes are well defined and articulate, with addictive rhythm and drive.



NuForce AVP 16 (Sold out )

The NuForce AVP 16 is designed for simplicity and expandability with the focus on providing first-rate audio performance.  The 7.1-channel analog preamp inputs (8 total channels) can be used to support the decoded output from future DVD players. By shutting off the video circuit (when CD input is selected) the AVP-16 becomes a true audiophile quality preamp.
Those who listen to the AVP-16 are struck by its wide dynamic range, smooth lifelike midrange presentation, and its natural, grain-free treble.  The bass is deep and articulate, providing plenty of kick and drive for both music and movie soundtracks.                   
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NuForce Reference 9 Mono Block Amplifier

Available in black or silver

NuForce Reference series monoblock amplifiers are designed for high performance stereo or home theater use.  They can also be used for bi-amping, tri-amping or  mix-and-match for different channels and speakers in the home theater setup with NuForce AVP (Audio Video Processor) products. All NuForce monoblock amplifiers can be upgraded by replacing the circuit board and/or power supply when new designs become available.


Reference 9 Special Edition (SE)


The Reference 9 SE incorporates an improved power supply board with a low-ESR capacitor bank.  Further enhancements include a separate switching power supply for the analog front-end, and improvements to the signal input section, including higher performance input capacitors, and the installation of premium 6-nines, PCOCC oxygen-free copper input wiring.  To accommodate these enhancements, the maximum continuous output power was lowered slightly as compared to the standard Reference 9.

The Reference 9 SE adds refinement and delicacy to the already excellent-sounding Ref 9.  The tonal balance remains unaltered, and when used in less than the most revealing and transparent systems, the advantages of the SE may not be fully realized.

This Special Edition is only available in our Rose Copper finish, and a limited quantity of NuForce P-8 preamplifiers in matching Rose Copper will also be available.

Existing Reference 9 can be factory-upgraded to SE status (or via International distributors) for $750 per amplifier, which includes the internal upgrades plus a new faceplate  of the same color (silver, black or gold) with the SE designation.

As excellent as the Ref 9 is, the Ref 9 SE takes the strengths of the Ref 9 to an even higher level.  These include:

To put it in one sentence, the sound in general is more neutral, more liquid; with a more relaxed and more powerful presentation of the soundstage as well as individual instruments.



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