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SUPER FLEX 10 Gauge Power Cord NuForce  PS Audio New Items


Mr-Cable is proud to be the listing dealer for the new line of TEK LINE power cords.

These are the best cords we have heard and the prices in no way reflect the sound and quality.  Starting at just $349 introductory price.  Click here for the TEK LINE web site.  Click here to order.



 PS Audio PerfectWave Transport and PerfectWave DAC - Now in stock. Email for details.

PS Audio Power Plant Premier on special sale - Limited time only at $1699 delivered in the US / Canada.

PS Audio Quintessence - there will be no more.  "B" stock only.  $499 plus shipping and CALIF sales tax.   Email for availability


Many used and new cables at great price, please click here for more info.



Our site is being redesigned and will be up and functioning very soon.  Please email with any questions.





Mr-Cable has the highly desired PS Audio Premier Black units available.

Mr-Cable is an authorized dealer for:  PS Audio - B-P-T (Balanced Power Technologies) -  NuForce. and others. 

Mr-Cable builds handcrafted hi-end audio cables.  If you want the best sound reproduction at the best possible prices, Mr-Cable is your answer.

Mr-Cable is a factory direct supplier of top quality audio cables.  Mr-Cable manufactures and sells audio/video cables factory direct, this means no dealer mark-ups, no dealer expenses, no dealer demands, no account receivables this saves you MONEY.  Purchase factory direct at or below wholesale prices. 

Mr-Cable provides accessories, parts, supplies and kits.  They include:  Interconnects, Speaker Wire, Power Cords, Digital Cables, Video Cables, RCA's, Bananas, Spades, Pins, Binding Posts, XLR's, Power Plugs, IEC's, Wall Receptacles, Fuse Holders, Power Adapters, Kits, Heat Shrink, Corrugated Tubing, Nylon Mesh, Wire, Audio Equipment New and Used, Aurios, Bedini, Black Diamond, Cardas, Vampire, Bullet Plugs, Final Labs Durama, PS Audio, Cascade Audio, Audio Mirror, Speaker Art, Lovan, QS&D, Boltz.

All prices are in US Dollars.  Sales tax will be collected on all California sales.


If you have any questions or don't find what you are looking for and would like to have it added to this site, please email us at:   InfoMrCable@aol.com 

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