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P-Kord    6'    US Retail $995       Factory Direct Pricing: $449

The P-Kord is only available for sale through our auctions at the present time.  Other companies sell this type of power cord for up to $1500 or maybe more, but Mr-Cable uses the same quality parts and wire for much less.  The US retail on this power cord is only $995, but with Mr-Cable's direct pricing, you can have this ultimate power cord at only $449.  The P-Kord is a 9.5 gauge pure copper shielded power cord.  Each of the three wires, hot - neutral - ground, use the exact same type of conductor.  Each one is shielded thus giving you the best RFI and EMI protection.  Each handcrafted power cord is terminated with a Marinco Hospital grade male plug and a WattGate 320 IEC.  If you want the WattGate 330 and 350 gold treated plugs, please ad $60 each per power cord ($120 for both).  This cord is fantastic.  Anyone who purchases this power cord on auction and writes a review for us to use on our site and also posts on other sites, will be given a $50 credit toward the next P-Kord they purchase.  (So if you win a second auction at $400, your price will only be $350 - limited time only).  Click for photo.


Return policy - Have you ever heard of a return policy on audio power cords from an auction?  Well this may be the first, but we do offer a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase.  If you purchase a P-Kord from Mr-Cable on auction, you have 30 days to try the power cord.  If you are not happy for any reason, we will refund your purchase price less all auction fees, credit card fees and shipping (you must contact us a return authorization number).  The P-Kord will have to be returned in like new condition, if not, there will be a fee determined at time of receiving to cover any damage.