DVD/CD Power Adaptor


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This is a brand new DVD AC adapter.  It will allow you to use any power cord with an IEC on the end of it with your components that have the two prong plug, Like DVD and CD players.  No need to cut out the back of the unit and put in a chassis mount unit.  You can see from the picture that it has the two prong and IEC plug so you can use all aftermarket power cords.

You can view the adaptor by clicking  on picture.  The picture shows the two prong side, the IEC side and also a side view.


Price is $19.95 each.     Special, now just $17.95 each.

Now available - Cryo treated adapters.  Retail $24.95, now just $22.95.

Special Shipping is $3.50 United States Postal Service, we only ship on Friday with the US Postal Service.  Shipping with daily pickup for UPS is $4.50.  Prices are for the lower 48.  California residents must include CA sales tax.  Shipping is the same for multiples of this item (If you order two or three, the shipping will be as stated above for all, not each).  Please email to order InfoMrCable@aol.com