DARUMA 3-II ball bearing audio insulator

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DURAMA-3II $99.00 $89.00  

All hi-fi produces unwanted vibrations causing different affects to the sound quality. Knowing this, all equipment should be mounted on a secure, rigid stand or rack designed to damp or modify these unwanted vibrations. In doing this, the rack now is the cause of vibration sending it back to the equipment.  Final Laboratory, have come to the conclusion that it is better to live with the internal vibration and isolate the units from the outside world.  Thus they have invented the DARUMA 3-II.  The Daruma is an exceptional value with the retail price of only $99 set.  

An analogue turntable and also a CD player inherently set up extensive although imperceptible vibrations when running. The continuous vibration of the chassis causes the whole system to be veiled in a vibration loop, resulting in an overall masking of the musical performance. We observe around the world many types of anti vibration devices that are usually designed to damp, or modify this unwanted vibration, this they do more or less effectively. DARUMA-3II overcomes vibration by earthing it out, this reduction is clearly perceptible, after being introduced to DARUMA-3II most listeners will appreciate how many of the musical subtleties they had been missing. Loudspeakers, amplifiers, tuners and cassette decks all suffer the effects of vibration, muddling in the midrange, rolling ponderous bass and treble capable of loosening fillings. DARUMA-3II mechanical vibration earth, will set any piece of equipment free off vibration, to give its performance without interference. We at Final promise: at little cost, anyone can upgrade their systemís musical performance, and ultimately gain more enjoyment from their recordings.  Final Laboratory web site click here.