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Copper Digital:        $39.00 1 m    -    Photo  

This is a 75 Ohm Digital Cable using a Belden wire with Canare 75 Ohm RCA's.  This cable sounds as good as many other companies top of the line Digital Cables costing $200 and more. The sound of the CD is deep natural bass, warm open soundstage with natural midrange and smooth extended highs.  Your music will sound less digital and more transparent making it sound more like the original master.  While it takes about two to four weeks of continuous listening to break-in, the Copper Digital is the best all round Digital Cable we have heard, at any price.  We at Mr-Cable can offer this special wire at an introductory price of  just $39 terminated.  If you want it in kit form, it is also available.  Please see (Kits - coming soon) .  Return to top. 


Length Retail US$ Our Price US$  
1 Meter $ 99.00 $ 40.00  
1.5 Meter $ 129.00 $ 45.00  
2 Meter $ 149.00 $ 50.00  
2.5 Meter $ 169.00 $ 55.00  
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Silver Digital: 

The Silver Digital (SD) is a great improvement over standard digital cables and sounds as good or better than most high end manufactures digital cables.  If you like the sound of pure Silver Audio Cables, this Digital Cable is for you.  The SD is constructed with a pure silver center conductor, this is fully shielded.  The SD is terminated with the Bullet Plugs RCA's (silver version will hopefully be available soon) using silver solder.    The SD will give you the sense that you have purchased new equipment.  This is a remarkable digital cable.  Details you never knew existed will suddenly appear, giving you a larger and deeper soundstage.  Mr-Cable suggests that you use at least a 1.5 meter digital cable.  This is the shortest length that should be use.  The SD if sold by another leading cable company would cost at least $199 or more.  Mr-Cable has an introductory offer of just $79 1 meter.  We are now offering the SD in a 1.5 version for the same price as a 1 meter.  We have had feedback saying the SD can also be used as a video cable.  Return to top.  


  Retail US$ Our Price US$  
1 Meter $ 199.00 $ 99.00  
1.5 Meter $ 229.00 $ 119.00  
2 Meter $ 249.00 $ 139.00  
2.5 Meter $ 269.00 $ 159.00  
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Toslink:        $25.00 1 m    -    Photo 

Mr-Cable has made available from a major cable supplier a superb TosLink Digital cable (Optical Digital).  We have not found any for twice the price that are better.  If you use TosLink cables, you owe it to yourself to try this one.  Prices start at just $25 1 meter length, (2 and 5 meter lengths also available).  Return to top.


  US Retail Our Price  
1 Meter $ 39.00 $ 25.00  
2 Meter $ 49.00 $ 30.00  
5 Meter $ 69.00 $ 40.00  



S-VHS:        $25.00 1 m    -    Photo

Mr-Cable has made available from a major cable supplier a superb S-VHS Video Cable.  We have not found any for twice the price that are better.  If your video system uses an S-VHS cable, you owe it to yourself to try this one.  The S-VHS is presented in an attractive blue color.   Prices start at just $25 1 meter length.  Return to top. 


  Retail US$ Our Price US$  
3' Length $ 49.00 $ 25.00  
6' Length $ 69.00 $ 30.00  



S-VHS Deluxe:

Coming soon.  This is a top quality hand assembled S-VHS cable that can be made to any length requested.  This could be the best S-VHS cable available at any price.  Return to top.


The Video:    

"The Video" by Mr-Cable provides world-class Video reproduction.  "The Video" gives your video system the missing link it has been looking for.  The multiple stranded center conductor is made out of high purity Oxygen Free Copper with Teflon dielectric.  The wire is shielded using a silver mix braid.  It has a special 24K gold locking RCA which prevents loose connections.  "The Video" can be color coated for use with component video systems.  At just $39 1 meter length, "The Video" is s true bargain for your home entertainment system.  Return to top.


  Retail US$ Our Price US$  
3' Length $ 69.00 $ 39.00  
6' Length $ 89.00 $ 49.00  
9' Length $ 109.00 $ 59.00  
12' Length $ 129.00 $ 69.00  
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