Black Diamond Racing Cones


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BDRC Mk-3 (Blems) Set of Three (3) $ 45.00  
BDRC Mk-3 (New) Set of Three (3) $ 60.00  
BDRC Mk-4 (Blems) Set of Three (3) $ 45.00  
BDRC Mk-4 (New) Set of Three (3) $ 60.00  


Black Diamond Racing:

Overview:  The Black Diamond Racing isolation products are a series of structures designed to provide a flexible system for approaching the problems of vibration control.  these structures are complementary in nature, working together in a manner that may be developed or expanded as different types of components frequently require different characteristics of the same basic structure for optimal performance; hence the Mk3 and Mk 4 versions of several of our pieces, and two different types of carbon fiber panels.  In all cases, the Mk3 is "warmer" in nature, while the Mk4 version is more "detailed" in character.  It is advisable to try both types of structures, particularly the Pyramid Cones, to see what works best in your system.  Our extensive research and testing effort concluded that the combination of high rigidity and high damping rates provides the best isolation performance over the broadest range of applications.  This approach results in a structure that is not only extremely resistant to resonance, but will dampen off the vibrations to which it is exposed. 


TGE's cost effective, high performance anti-vibration solutions have been satisfying the critical needs of demanding users since 1994. A variety of technologies have benefited from the robust and compact design of TGE's products-a list that includes applications ranging from sensitive semiconductor instrumentation to the wind damping of massive bridge structures. A studied engineering approach, involving structural physics and extensive vibration analysis, has yielded numerous patents and patents pending. Much of TGE's success can be attributed to it's unique horizontal isolation mechanism which offers improved capabilities when compared to costly and more cumbersome anti-table designs. The accompanying photograph provides a chronological survey of several TGE's innovations.

The Pyramid Cones have proven an effective means of vibration control under all types of components: speakers, turntables, transports, CD players, preamps, DACs, amps, crossovers, video equipment, even medical and computer equipment. With a crush point of 10,000 pounds each, the Pyramid Cones can be used virtually anywhere. The best results will be obtained when the Cones are placed under or near the critical elements of the component: drive mechanisms, power supplies, transformers, tone-arm mounts, motors, etc. The proper placement will significantly effect the performance of the Cones. A general guideline is to start with the Mk3 Pyramid Cones under solid state and digital equipment, and the Mk4 Cones under tubes. The Mk3 is Awarmer@ in nature, while the Mk4 version is more Adetailed@ in character. (Please note: this is only a suggested starting point, as we have a number of cases where people prefer the opposite Cones under the exact same component.) In addition, the two different types of Cones may be mixed together for Ain-between@ results if desired.