Angeled Plugs & Adaptors


Kautt & Bux    (SFO-430-C13) - $5.50   

This plug is an 90 degree IEC for those who need a right angle plug.  This plug is very well made and can be used on some of our power cords if requested. The Kautt & Bux was designed and made in Germany, they are now being produced in Italy.   


Marinco    (15RA) - $7.95    

The new Marinco® 15-Amp Right Angle Series permits end-users to plug in closer to walls without bending or damaging power cords. Cords can be terminated in 8 different positions (in 45° intervals), so the end-user can direct cords in the most convenient direction.  Can be used on both 5266 and 320.