Male Power Plugs

Custom Silver Plate    (5266SP) - $25.00 each    -    Cryo Treated    (5266SPC) - $30.00 each

This is a silver treated male power plug 5266.  Cryogenic treatment soon to be available. 


Furutech    (FI-15M) - $30.00     

The FI-15M is a gold plated male wall plug.  This plug is very easy to work with.  The back opens and all screws are accessible for easy termination.  We find this plug to work as well or better than any other we have tried.  This plug should be selling for at least $60 and is well worth it.  


Hubbell    (HBL8215C) - $9.49   

This is the famous Hubbell HBL8215C Hospital Grade male power plug that is used on many of today's Audiophile Power Cords. 


Hubbell    (HBL8565E) - $12.50   

Hospital Grade (WHITE color) male power plug.  Excellent sound, ease of use and looks great.  


Marinco    (5266M)  -  $5.95   

This is the Marinco 5266 that the 320 was designed after.  It is a fantastic power cord plug.  The Marinco 5266 uses the Perma-Lockô as used in their other plugs.  This male power plug is easy to use and well liked by almost every user.  It is easy to use and looks great.  You can't ask for a better plug at this price.  


 Pass & Seymour     (5266-XHG) Hospital Grade - $12.50 

Hospital Grade male power plug by Pass & Seymour.  Clear front with black shell.  


WATTGATE -  (W-330) - Retail US $ 78.00   Perma-Lockô   

The WATTGATE 330 remains unchanged, after all, why challenge perfection?  The 330 has gained a following as an affordable means of increasing system performance and is standard equipment on numerous power cables.  With the Perma-Lockô system, installation is simple and offers trouble-free performance.  This is considered by many to be the best plug available.