IEC's (Male & Female)


Acme Audio Labs    Chassis - IEC    Retail $5.00    

Acme Audio Labs has their own Panel mount IEC receptacle - 10/15 amp style.  Easy to work with.

Custom Silver Plate    -    $29.50 each    (Click for Photo)

This is a silver treated IEC power plug (320 IEC).  Cryogenic treatment soon to be available.

Furutech:    Chassis - Inlet-G - $ 17.50   (Gold Plated Male IEC Chassis Mount)   

   This male chassis mount Gold Plated IEC is the best we have found.  Your equipment deserves the best possible connections, don't forget the electrical hook-up.  You use gold treated RCA's, gold treated power plugs (male and IEC), now you can use a gold treated IEC on your equipment.  Mounts easily in most electronics.

Furutech    FI-15G - $47.50 Introductory price. 

The FI-15M is a gold plated IEC plug.  This plug is very easy to work with.  The back opens and all screws are accessible for easy termination.  The FI-15G comes with a grounding fork type terminal.  We find this plug to work as well or better than any other we have tried.  This plug should be selling for at least $60 and is well worth it, but at Mr-Cable we have an introductory price of just $47.50 ($45 if purchased with the FI-15G IEC). 

Hubbell     20 amp 320 IEC    -    $9.95   

This is the 20 amp IEC for all your power cord needs. 

Kautt & Bux    SFO 550    -    $4.50   

This plug is very well made and can be used on most normal power cords.  The normal wire size is 14 gauge, but we have used 12 gauge with them before.  The Kautt & Bux was designed and made in Germany, they are now being produced in Italy. 

Kautt & Bux    -    SFO-430  C13    -    90 degree angle IEC    $5.50     

Marinco    320   -   See   specials   -    Closeout  $17.95

Schurter    -    $9.95    

This is the IEC most high end audio manufactures used prior to the WATTGATE.  It does hold just as well or better than all other IEC's.  If you have a problem of your IEC coming out of the back end of your equipment, this IEC should work.  Easy to use but doesn't allow for really large wire without modification.  The best IEC for it's price.  Schurter part number 4300.0603.  

WATTGATE    350    -    $78.00    Perma-Lockô 

 Years of development have finally produced a superior cord-end IEC. Gone are the days of wimpy, soldered contacts - The WATTGATE 350 is here!  The construction of the 350 is durable, featuring an elegant polycarbonate rear housing available in black or clear with a durable hi-temperature rated front housing. Additionally, there is a dust seal to protect the wiring chamber.  The 350 has been designed to be adaptable to a wide range of power cables. 

WATTGATE    320    -    $19.95   

WATTGATE 320 IEC made by Marinco has become the first manufacturer to offer premium IEC 320 connectors especially designed for critical applications that are subject to harsh handling and environments.  WATTGATE 320 IEC connectors use exclusive Perma-Lockô terminals which have collar-lug overleaves that ≥lock up≤ as the contact tangs tighten down on the wires, virtually eliminating the need to ever retighten the terminals.