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Mr-Cable takes trades and has come up with the following inventory.  Please email with any questions.


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CABLES:        Power cords    Interconnects    Digital/Video    Speaker Wire   


Highwire Audio Power Wrap.  This wrap fits a larger power cord up to .44" dia.  This is the largest one they make that we know of.  Brand new in box, $25.

ISO-MAX  ----  XLR input to RCA output converter.  Sell $75.

PS Audio Power Port.  Used once, like new.  No packaging but who needs it anyways?  Retail $49 sell for $29.

The Original Cable Jacket, these are complete with the drain wire.  We have 7 or 8 of these available.  Click for pic.

** RCA to XLR male TEK LINE Single Crystal Silver interconnects, 1 meter pair.  Custom made and a change of system have made these available.   Retail $739, now just $349.  These are like new and they sound fantastic.  Click for pics.


Power Cords


The Musician (By: Mr-Cable) 2' and 3'.  New, custom order cancelled.  Retail $349 and $385, now just $149 each.  Click for pics.

The Musician (By: Mr-Cable) 6'.  Demo as like new condition.  Retail $449 now just $199.

Pure Flow (By:  Mr-Cable) custom made.  Email for details.

Super Flex 12' (By:  Mr-Cable) custom made power cord.  Retail $699, now just $299, now lowered to $249.  Click for pic & info.

Super Flex 6' (By:  Mr-Cable) 10 gauge power cord.  Retail $399, now just $149.  These may be the last made.  Costs have gone up way to much to offer at this price for new production.   Click for pic & info.


BMI Shark power cord, Retail ??? Was $395, now reduced to $349.  sale pending

Custom House BM-2 6' power cord.  Excellent condition, Retail ??? comes with Wattgate and Marinco plugs, $45.

Custom made 6 gauge power cord.  The ground is 12 gauge.  Very flexible.  Cryo treated.  $249.

MARIGO Audio Lab RMX Generation 2 6' power cord $125

NBS 6' power cord.  Says NBS on it and nothing else.  Don't know what model, but it is NBS.  Sell for $129.

Signal Cable 4' Magic Power Cord, 10 gauge copper with Marinco plugs, retail $64, now just $39.  Sale pending

Silver Audio Powerburst, 3.5' power cord, black.  7/10.  $95  Click for pics.

Stealth HAC power cords, 6' (Retail $200, now just $75) and 8' (Retail $260, now just $95) available.  Click here for more info. sale pending

TG Audio HRS 6' power cord - excellent condition.  $149 each, have two available.

TEK LINE custom made Belden power cable with Gold wall plug (comp. retail $75) and 90 degree IEC plug for Levinson equipment.  As new.  Retail $149, sell $69.  Click for pic.

TEK LINE Eclipse 6' power cord.  Brand new Retail $199, now just $119.

TEK LINE Eclipse 6' power cord with Wattgate 20 amp IEC.  Retail $229, now just $129.

TEK LINE PC-8 power cord 6'.  Excellent power cord that can't be beat at the price.  Retail $225 sell $125.

TEK LINE PC-10 power cord 6'.  This is a single crystal copper 10 gauge power cord.  Comp retail is $399, now just $149.  Great cable at a great price.

TICE - Power Conductor 5' power cord.  $75

Vera Star Silver Reference 6' silver Power Cord.  Retail $857, sell for $195.   Click for pic.

W & M Audio, Tornado High Performance Power Cord, 6' in length.  The Tornado uses the Oyaide plugs and the cord is a Single Crystal Oxygen Free Copper.  Brand new.  Retail $890, now just $149.   Click for pics.





Mr-Cable - Pure Silver PSi interconnect by Mr-Cable.  1 meter pair, demo as new.  $129.


Audience Conductor 1 meter pair of interconnects.  Excellent condition.  $125.

AudioQuest Carol/CQ 1.5 meter pair with RCA's.  Excellent condition.  Retail?  Sell for $ 69.

AudioQuest Carol/CQ 2.5 meter pair with RCA's.  Excellent condition.  Retail?  Sell for $99.

AudioQuest King Cobra Balanced "Y" adaptor (1 female to 2 male).  One only, not a pair.  $49.

AudioQuest Turquoise 4.5 meter RCA.  $49

Cardas and Canare interconnect, Cardas RCA's with Canare interconnect wire, red.  1 meter pair $49, 1.5 meter pair $55, 2 meter pair $60.  Other lengths available upon request.

Custom House BM-2 1 meter pair interconnects with locking RCA's.  sell for $39.

Custom House BM-2 2 meter single locking RCA's.  Can be used as interconnect or digital or video.  Sell $29.

5" mini interconnects, high end jumpers, $25.

DISCOVERY 1.5 meter interconnect pair.  Have no idea what model, but they are in excellent condition.  $35.  Click for pic.

GOERTZ Micro Purl Silver with RCA's - 1 meter pair - Brand New in Packaging.  $99 pr.  

Highwire 100i - 1 meter pair used interconnects.  Great condition.  Sell $125.

Jena Labs Quad Helix 1 meter pair Interconnects.  $249 pr.  Click for pic.

MIT 330 Shotgun 26" long pair.  Used but work perfectly.  Retail ???  Sell $49.  Click for pic.

MIT Terminater Proline Balanced (XLR) 1 meter pair, $125

MIT Terminater Prolone Balanced (XLR) 1 meter, single run not a pair, $75

MIT Terminator 3 1 meter pair.  great condition.  Retail???  Sell for $49.  Click for pic.

MIT Terminator 3 2 meter pair.  great condition.  Retail???  Sell for $79.  Click for pic.

MONSTER - Interlink 401XLN, 4 meter pair.  RCA's.  $49

MUSIC "Timbre" by Enterprises NorthWest.  

Nordost Black Knight 2 meter pr. RCA interconnects.  Box and like new.  Retail $150, sell for $89.

Placette Audio, 1 meter pair of interconnects, excellent sound and condition except for a small round cut in one of the heat shrinks.  $95.    Sold

PS Audio Transcendent 1 meter XLR interconnects in stock.  Retail $499, email for best price.

Signet MTP-6 OFC Interconnects, new in box, 6 foot length, $45 obo

Signet MTU-1.5 PCOCC Interconnects, new in box, 1.5 foot length.  $45 obo

Stealth PGS Gold RCA interconnect, 1 meter pair.    Excellent condition except a little of the print on the heat shrink is rubbed off.  Retail $1995+ ???, sell for $325.  Sold

Sunny Cable Technology - S 600 interconnects RCA's.  1.5 meter pair.  $99

TEK LINE TL-500-S Pure Silver 20' (6 meters) pair interconnects.  Cardas top of the line spring loaded Rhodium RCA's.  Retail $849, sell for only $349.

TEK LINE TL-500-S pure silver 1/2 meter interconnect with Top of the Line CARDAS Rhodium spring loaded RCA's.  Like new.  Retail $319, now just $149.

TEK LINE TL-2000 .75 meter pair, excellent used with black mesh.  Retail $59, now just $39 pr.

TEK LINE TL-2010 1 meter silver interconnects, brand new.  Retail $129, now just $89.

TEK LINE TL-2010 1/2 meter pair. Retail $99.  Used but as new.  Sell for $49.

TEK LINE TL-2010 1/2 meter pair.  Retail $99.  New, sell for $69.

TEK LINE TL-301 1.5 meter interconnects.  As new.  Retail for $289, now just $99 pair.  Excellent condition and sounds great.

Vampire Continuous Cast Copper 1 meter pair Balanced #AI-2.  Good condition, $75.

Virtual Dynamics REFERENCE 1 meter pair Interconnects with lock high end WBT RCA's.  These are the ones right before the Nite series.  $249.  Click for pic.

van Damme - Bryston Balanced interconnects.  1/2 meter pairs, black.   2 pairs available.  $49 pair 

van Damme - Bryston Balanced interconnects.  4.5 meter pair, black.   $99

ZU GEDE 1 meter pair interconnects, locking RCA's.  Excellent condition.  Retail $199, sell $119.  Click for pic.

ZU Cable, WarMouth interconnect with XLR's, 1 meter pair.  Sell for just $299, now just $199.



Digital / Video


CinemaQuest from AudioQuest - 1.5 meter silver Video Pro for Video, RF and Digital.  RCA's.  Retail $ ???  Sell $175 OBO

LAT International, VI-6 Silver Screen 1 meter length, single wire with RCA's Retail $66, now just $45.

Monster Video 3 Ultra-High Performance Componet video 2 meter $50


Purist Audio Design - Colossus  Rev "B" AES/EBU 3' Digital Cable.  Excellent condition, $125.

Signet composite video cable F connectors 1 meter.  Best offer

TEK LINE Digital 2, one meter digital cable with BNC connectors on both sides.  Retail $149, sell for $49.

Tributaries Silver Composite video cable RCA's 1 meter.  Best offer.

WireWorld Starlight S-Video cable 2 meter cable, retail ?  sell $39.



Sub-Woofer Cables

Element Cables 15' Sub-woofer cable with gold rca's both ends,  $45. 



Speaker Wire



Mr-Cable Performance 15' pair speaker wire with bananas on both ends.  This was custom made for a customer and they decided to upgrade after about 2 weeks, so these have very little time on them and are in great condition.  Retail $309, factory direct price $166.50, now just $119.


Audio Magic Sceptor true Bi-Wire speaker cables.  This is a 6 foot pair with spades on both ends.  This speaker wire has a true bi-wire configuration.  It has both the purple and the gray cords for each speaker.  2 Spades at the amp and 4 spades at the speakers.  Retail $ ??  Sell $225 pair.

DH-Labs Silver Sonic T-14 8' pair Speaker Wire with Spades.  Used / excellent condition.  Sell for $69.

Discovery Signature speaker cable.  8' pair.  Black.  Retail $ ??  Sell $350 pair.

NBS King/Serpent II speaker wire.  4' pair with spades.  $299 pair.  More info click here.  Click here for more info.

Nordost SOLAR WIND speaker wire.  10' pair with bananas.  $149.

Paul Speltz Anti-cables 6' long.  $45.  Click for pic.

PS Audio xStream Plus 2.5 meter speaker wire (Special for this one pair only......   Brand new in box)   Retail....   $ 599,   Now just $249 for the pair. 

Stealth silver ribbon 8' speaker cables.  Great sounding cables.  Great condition.  Retail "way too much" now just $295 for the pair.  Click for pic.

Straight Wire Maestro - 10' pair with spades.  Retail $680, sell for $249.

Synergistic Alpha Speaker Wire, 10' pair with spades.  Sell for just $125.  Click for pic.  SOLD

TEK LINE TLS-650 speaker wire.  Single run, Bi-amp with bananas on the amp end and spades on the speaker end.  8' perfect for center channel.  Retail was around $229 pair, sell for $49.

WireWorld Eclipse 8' pair speaker wire.  Good condition.  Spades on both ends.  Retail?????    Make an offer.  No lowball offers please.

WireWorld LUNA II bi-wire speaker wire.  5' pair.  Sell for (make offer).  Click for pic.

WireWorld Eclipse Speaker Wire, 8' pair with spades.  $350.




CD/DVD Players

Denon DVD-2800, excellent condition.  Remote (manual ?).  $249

DENON DVD-2200, excellent condition.  Box and manual. $295.

DENON 3300 cd player.  excellent transport, used.  $195 OBO.

NAD 541i, "B" stock but better then new.  Has detachable IEC for the power cord in the back.  Excellent condition and sounds great. Box and manual, $295

Samsung DVD HD841 brand new in box, excellent sound in our system and a great picture.  $100.

TRL Sony 900 with upgraded battery pack.  $1595.00.  Pictures on request.




B&W DM-7, these are the old classic speakers with the tweeter on the top of the speaker.  Sounds great.  These have been in our system for 16 years and now they have to find a new home.  Speakers work great, cabs really good, the only problem is one of the grills won't stay on the front of the speaker.  $395 will not ship.  

DCM Time Windows.  We have a  pair that sound great, but don't look terrific.  Needs to have some work done on the foam, but the wood can be finished like new by someone handy.  Sounds 100 times better then they look.  Sell for $249 pair.  No ship.  Click for pic.

KlipshHorn K-Horns.  These are the ones that made them famous.  These are the rare Black piano finish from the 70's.  Great condition.  $3995 OBO.

Large tower speakers.  This is a pair of speakers that we have that are so great for home theater, I hate to sell them.  Our room just isn't big enough.  These require a large room.  The volume will sound like a live rock concert and the bass will make your seat shake.  These are as new, like perfect except for a small mark on the base, but who cares?  It's black and can be touched up.  Retail $5500, sell $2195 OBO.  Local pick-up only.  Click for pic.

Mission MS-50, brand new.  Taken out of box to verify condition.  Small 2 way speakers.  $95 pr.

Osborn Titan - 2 way monitor speaker.  Click here for more info.  $2995, now $995.

Speaker Art Clef, 2 way monitors, brand new, best deal for $1995.

Speaker Art Super Clef TL, These are some of the best speakers you can get for under $10,000 and compare to many much more than that.  Excellent condition.  Pick up only or we can deliver locally.  Retail $5995, now just $2495.

Speaker Art Super Clef TL (with the new crossover), These are some of the best speakers you can get for under $10,000 and compare to many much more than that.  Excellent condition.  Pick up only or we can deliver locally.  Retail $5995, now just $2995.

Speaker Art Double Odysseys, Retail $13,995, now just $4,495.  Local pickup only.    Sold




PS Audio Trio A-100.  This is our present demo amp.  Email for best price.  Retail $995.  Click here for more infomation.

Flying Mole DAD M100 digital power amp mono blocks.  Retail $750 pr, now just $599 Demo with full warranty.  Email for details.  Sold.  New amps available, email for price.  SOLD but we may have another pair available, please email if interested.

Marsh A200s 100 WPC, used about 1 year in our testing room.  Retail $1495, now just $899, now reduced to $799.M

Parasound HCA-800 II power amp.  $125.

SONANCE Cinema 260 Sub Woofer Amp.  Good condition.  Manual but no original box.  Sell $99.

Sony N110 power amp.  $75.



Reference Line 1000 passive pre with 4 inputs, $125.

Reference Line 3000 passive pre with bypass function.  Excellent condition.  $449.

Reference Line 3000 passive pre.  Excellent condition.  $349.

Luminous Audio Axiom Signature passive pre with one input and upgraded Caddock resisters.  Used one time.   $125.

Sheng Ya SA-91 fully balanced and rca pre amp.   Silver in color.  Very heavy for a pre.  Sell for $795.  



None at this time.



Nakamichi RX-202,  just serviced and seems to work great.  Great condition.  Retail ?, will sell for $199.

Nakamichi, we have an extra plastic tape cover for the RX-202.  Purchased new and this deck was sold without it.  But we found it in our inventory and it's perfect, it is new.  Sell for $39.

Luxman K-118.  Has the nice rosewood finish.  Great condition.  Sell for $99.



Technics SV-DA10 Digital Audio Tape Deck.  Comes with 3 tapes.  $149

Remote for Krell Transport, not sure of model.  Will send pictures upon request.  $75.



MSB Millennium DTS, this is like a brand new unit.  Was hooked up once.  Sell $199.



Sony SEQ-711 Graphic Equalizer original manual.  Good condition.  $2.50 plus postage.

Many McIntosh owners and service manuals available.  List will be posted later.







Altec rack mount mono eq, model soon to be posted.  31 band eq.  $125.


Power Conditioners

BPT 6 input power bar.  $99.

Monster Power HTS35oo Mk II, $145

PS Audio Quintet, as new, customer upgraded to a Premier.  Retail $695, corrected retail is now $495, will sell this like as new with warranty unit for $425.



JA Michell Gyro Turntable.  Click for pictures and information.   or click here.  We have 3 of these turntables available, all set up differently.

PRO-JECT Audio Systems  --  THE PHONO BOX.  MM and MC with power supply.  Excellent condition.  Sell $75  Click for pic.





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